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History and Profile

Au Bon Marche - 2001/01

Au Bon Marche - 1975

Au Bon Marche - 2001/07

Au Bon Marche - 1982

Humble Beginnings

Au Bon Marche (French for the “At The Good Market”) started with very humble beginnings and was first established as a small groceries store in the 70’s when Vanuatu was still known as the New Hebrides, a condominium ruled by joint British and French governments during the pre-colonial era until the country finally gained its independence on July 30th, 1980.

Over the years, the family re-established the business at the Nambatu area and put in a new work structure to create a one stop shop where everything that customers needed was conveniently located under one roof.


Over the decades, Au Bon Marche worked very hard and today has grown into Vanuatu’s largest retail and wholesale business, servicing up to 80% of local customers and expatriates. Having built an excellent reputation in the food and grocery industry to international standards, with outlets that are clean, fully air conditioned, well structured and displaying the largest product variety and range in the country, it generates one of the highest customer traffic compared to any other outlets combined.
With an impeccable, friendly customer service level, it has set one of the best standards of quality in service delivery. The business backbone uses AMICUS, one of the latest retail technology systems to ensure a professional stock and price control system, as controlled and monitored daily by a 30 member Head Office team. Au Bon Marche’s largest retail at Nambatu, re opened for business on Saturday 8th November 2003 after rebuilding its new outfit following a damaging earthquake and today includes 8 aisles and 9 checkout registers featuring several specialized services Bakery and Patisserie, Stationary Shop, Butchery, Delicatessen, Hot Food and Seafood section.

Mission Statement

“To be the best food and grocery provider in the country – the best service you’ll ever get.”

Today, the Au Bon Marche has developed into a large wholesale division located at Nambatri area, 6 well stocked supermarkets located at Nambatu (main outlet), Manples, Downtown, Central (China town), Freshwota (largest suburb area) and Tassiriki (Korman Area) with 4 ABM fuel service stations at Nambatu (Paray), Tropical, Manples and Tassiriki. Au Bon Marche Wholesale distributes to over 3000 outlets across the islands including nakamals, shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and other local convenient stores. 

Product Lines

Outlets, Expansion and Diversity

With over 50,000 products, Au Bon Marche Wholesale manages over 35 key product distribution lines including Sunrice Australia, Nestle, Fonterra, CSR Sugar, Goodman Fielder, Kraft, Golden Circle, Parmalat, Cerebos, Colgate, Gillette and more, 70% of which are ex Australia and New Zealand as closely located within the Pacific. Due to the diverse demand in the market, it also sources products directly from MSG member countries including Fiji, PNG and Solomon Islands and also France and Europe, Asia and USA for specialized customer preferences, enabling maximum variety and choice to its daily shoppers.

Employment and Government Tax Revenue

Au Bon Marche Group is one of the largest employers in the private sector with nearly 700 staff for any non-government organization. As one of the country’s largest importers with over 200 containers per month of merchandise, it contributes to over a billion vatu to the tax economy annually.

Community and Social Responsibility

Au Bon Marche prioritizes “giving back to the community” and over the decades has given back immensely to schools, charity organizations, sports, churches, hospitals and communities in Port Vila and around Vanuatu. Following the devastation caused by Cyclone Pam on 13th March 2015, Au Bon Marche worked with Red Cross and the NDMO to help with distribution of relief supplies to affected areas in the country.

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